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Robotic Process Automation:




It is all about software Robots.

This is robotic but not hardware, this is all about software robots which can do your all repetitive tasks in an automated manners.
Let it be, you want to delete hundreds of mails came from one particular email-ID from your inbox by visiting each pages one by one or you want to extract useful information from thousands of resumes in PDF format and store them in an excel sheet, in all such cases RPA is the right technology for your rescue. Currently, the RPA industry is one of the fastest growing branches of enterprise technology. In the last three years, UiPath which is very popular RPA based company has marked growth of over 100 per cent. RPA will make your job done by automatically moving your mouse cursor to click on the start button then it will open the browser where the bot will type the URL to go to the website to fill the form with the details fetched from data store all of these using no human intervention but not limited to this. This technology uses AI to recognize the icons on the screen and text in the image using OCR.

  • RPA programs can run 24X7
  • Easily programmable using drag and drop methods.
  • Reduction in Operation Cost
  • Can work in Attended, Unattended, Hybrid Mode

Some Use cases:

Case 1: There are hundreds of PDF files in a folder and we need to extract PAN Number from each PDF files and search in the website for its validity then both result as well as the PAN number has to be stored in a row of excel sheet. After that the completed PDF file has to be moved from that folder to a separate folder with a name as “Finished”.

Case 2: There is an excel sheet with three columns as email-ID, Subject, Content and hundreds of data rows. The requirement is to automatically open the browser, go to email site then login to the system and send mail individually fetching details from the excel sheet.

Available Tools:
1. UI Path (Free Community Edition) ( )

2. SikuliX (Open source with MIT License) (

3. Blue Prism ( )

4. Automation Anywhere (

More articles on SikuliX and UIpath utilities will be coming soon.


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