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Learn UiPath RPA Tool- Part 1 (Installation)




RPA is already discussed in but RPA is a technology not a tool and in the end of the day, we need a tool implement a technology. One of the most popular RPA tool used in the enterprise is UiPath. UiPath is a Robotic process automation tool used for Windows desktop automation. It is founded in the year 2005 by the Romanian entrepreneurs Daniel Dines and Marius Tirca.

Why UiPath?
1. Very easy due to drag and drop basis flow chart building feature
2. In RPA you need to do some UI based action like open browser, type into text box etc. In UiPath, hundreds of action can be found for use in drag drop mode.
3. RPA uses AI in the backend for many services, many AI-API providers companies like Google, IBM Watson, Microsoft Text Analysis can also be integrated in UiPath Robots back end processing

UiPath Provide Three product suit:
1. UiPath Studio- Using this tool, we can design our automation processes in a visual manner. It allows us to use recorders, drag and drop widgets to model our robotic processes
2. UiPath Robots- UiPath robots is to take over once you are done with the designing of processes in studio and executing all the processes with perfect accuracy
3. UiPath Orchestrator- This is world of web, if we want to deploy our robot using web portal and monitoring them then this tool is useful. Doubt how web application will take control of my computer mouse then you should know this is never possible. Ultimately you need to install one client side service running in the background which interact with Web application (UiPath Orchestrator) using web socket.

The best way to learn anything is by using that in real world. so lets have install uipath in your lappy first.


Step 1: Go to the URL

Step 2: Fill the form and click on “Request Community Edition”

Step 3: As in the form the email-ID is asked so the verification mail with a download link. From that URL the setup file will be downloaded.

Step 4: Install the setup file.

Step 5: In the first starting up the application it will ask for type of activation. As I have already discussed that community edition is only free to use in UiPath and this is not open source. So click on “Start Free”.

Remember in the next screen this will ask you for your email-ID and auto detect Device ID. Fill it up and make sure you are connected to the internet to complete the activation process.

BIG NOTE: UiPath can be installed only in Windows. The download link will only download exe file. So, Sorry for MAC and Linux users.

Continue… Part 2 (Understanding GUI of UiPath)


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